The Curse of Gluten

Hi! I’m Colie (it’s pronounced khol-ee) and I’m a twenty-something suburban girl with Celiac Disease (previously thought gluten intolerance). Or as I call it, The Curse of Gluten.

Finding out I was gluten-intolerant/Celiac Disease was truly probably the best thing to happen to me in my health life. It can be quite difficult to deal with, but it’s worth it for me because I feel so much better. Except when I’m glutened; then I’m cursing at gluten, about gluten and cursing the fact that I have this…. BUT I can live with it, so can you if you’re in the same GF Boat.

This is what my blog, The Curse of Gluten, is about – real every day life with manageable recipes for gluten free folks sprinkled with humor. I write about my gluten free lifestyle (and sometimes dairy free too!), my recipes, my attempt at a healthy lifestyle, my random thoughts, rants and so much more.

When I became gluten free I searched Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and found TONS of gluten free blogs and other accounts that helped me. I found recipes from them, tips, I got to know them (as well as you can by reading a person’s blog) and I felt at ease. And that’s why I’m here: I want to help maybe at least one person with The Curse of Gluten.

So stick around and see if you like it. Read my blog and if you do like it,  please feel free to reach out to me! On my contact page I left you just about every way you can contact me – I love making new friends!